Quali-Mac, short for “Quality Machining”, is a 48-year-old precision machining manufacturing firm. We are a value-added critical supplier to our partner’s supply chains. Quali-Mac is proud to be an “EOS” business, practicing and focusing on continuous improvement processes. We are an ISO 9001 certified specialist in prototype, short run, high touch, high turn, and production machining. Our customers are our most important asset.

As our customers and partners have grown, so have our supply efforts to support that growth.  Whether you need rapid prototyping, design and engineering assistance, or just a bracket, you can count on Quali-Mac to deliver for you. We meet the performance, value and delivery demands of regional, national and even global customers. And we will do the same for your firm.

Since 1972, Quali-Mac and its employees have worked hard to create and cultivate our most important asset…our customers. Our reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct is improving constantly.  Quali-Mac’s quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with its unyielding commitment to integrity.






We are fully invested in our work, executing every task with pride and a craftsman’s passion for detail.


We work together for the common good of our customers and our company by uncovering the best solutions through collaborative interactions.


We are adaptable and open to change, knowing that flexibility drives excellence.


We are optimistic and accountable, choosing to view challenges as opportunities for fresh thinking and increased productivity.


We speak with honesty, think with sincerity and act with integrity to uphold an atmosphere of trust, confidence and respect.